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  • Campus to Corporate Transition

    This course helps new professionals more quickly adjust in their first significant career transition. Through a series of exercises, discussions, examples and reflective questions, you will become more aware of how to read the organization, how to understand your manager, how to fit into the team, and how to create a positive reputation.

  • Coaching Skills for Managers

    This course provides managers with an introduction to adopting a coaching mindset and teaches fundamental skills such as presence, listening, questioning and structuring the coaching conversation.

  • Leading Self and Others through Organizational Change

    Organizational change initiatives focus on new systems, processes and structures, yet achieving the results you want to see only really happens when your teams start doing something differently. Learn about the emotional journey of change so you can help yourself and others more quickly adopt new ways of working.

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

    Short, practical and direct: this course will focus on how to structure messages, how to communicate feedback so that it sticks, and how to deal with your own – and others – defenses.

  • Handling Difficult Conversations

    A workshop focused on handling conversations that are challenging because of the emotional dynamic, relationship conflict, repeated occurrence, or serious consequences. You’ll develop greater confidence to handle difficult conversations and the ability to use a method for preparing and running the meeting.

  • Influencing Skills

    This is a highly interactive, fun workshop that focuses on the way you convey your best self and build relationships at work. The content is suitable for participants at any stage of their career.

  • Recruiting and Interviewing

    This course helps hiring managers play their role in the entire process from attracting, selecting to on-boarding candidates. You’ll learn the importance of engaging with your candidates, understand the predictive ability of different candidate assessment methods and practice behavioral interviewing rechniques.

  • Meeting Skills

    This workshop enables participants to contribute and communicate more effectively in meetings. The course includes practical guidance for presenting your piece, running meetings, participating in discussions, reading others and becoming more aware of your own impact.

  • Understanding Motivation for Managers

    This workshop is designed for managers who lead highly-educated, technical, performance-oriented teams. You’ll understand how to identify what makes each person on your team tick and your role in moving people up the 4 levels of motivation.

  • Networking

    So you’re going to a networking event? Learn how to make it count! In this interactive session, you’ll learn the mindset, conversation techniques and follow-up activities that create value from your networking efforts.

  • Personal Branding

    Marketers talk about brand value and brand loyalty; personal branding applies the same concepts to you, the person: Brand You. In this workshop you’ll clarify what you want your brand to project and design ways to convey this to the people who matter.

  • Working with Different Personalities

    This is an interactive and practical workshop that raises self-awareness of strengths and develops your understanding of different personality traits in others. Ultimately this knowledge is the basis of successfully reading other people, influencing and working professionally in diverse teams.

  • Presentation Skills for the Workplace

    This is a practical course for professionals who present in meetings and other forums in their workplace. The tools and techniques you will learn will give you greater confidence and impact when presenting PowerPoint decks, pitching a business case, putting forward your view, or providing an update on a project.

  • Professional Wellbeing

    This workshop is suitable for all employees, who want to achieve a better work/life integration, stay energized, and motivate themselves. This workshop helps you activate the six elements required to thrive in the workplace and achieve peak performance.

  • Team Spark: Understanding Your Team Dynamics

    Learn proven, memorable, easy-to-use tools for communicating effectively and building a cohesive team. The Team profile provides an analysis of collective strengths and weaknesses and the Splash app enables productive conversations that lead to actions.

  • Writing Skills

    This is a practical course that enhances the quality of written communication in the workplace. The exercises are tailored for each client organization, using examples and scenarios that are realistic for the participants.

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