When You’re Neither E nor I: Beyond Sorting Hat Personality Measures

The personality assessment industry is estimated at $2bn per year and the choice can be overwhelming. In order to simplify the decision in the face of so many alternatives, we deploy our trusty cognitive shortcuts and revert to the same small selection, making trade-offs between depth, validity, cost and ease of use.

On 26th April 2018 at The New York Public Library, I will be presenting at this ATD event, where I will invite you to step back and critically examine personality assessments through the lens of evaluative bias. Through a presentation of new research, discussion with other coaches and sharing practical experience, you’ll learn:

• How evaluative bias in personality assessments affects the individual, as well as the culture of the organization.
• A new approach to assessing personality, built on research that validates the measure of adaptive and maladaptive behavior at both ends of the personality dimensions.
• The benefits of helping coaching clients examine how their personality traits emerge in different contexts.

Register for this event via the above link and I look forward to seeing you there.