Webinars Professional Development

Our webinars are 1-hour and use chat, polling, presentation and breakout room discussions between participants. The webinars includes presentation, moments of self-reflection and the opportunity for Q&A with the facilitator.  Participants can download the slides (PDF) for future reference.

  • Leveraging Your Strengths

    Large-scale research evidences the link between people who know and use their strengths in their jobs with improved business performance, personal motivation, commitment and well-being. In this course you will get to know your strengths, learn how to deploy them effectively, and create awareness of where your overplayed strengths create unwanted effects.

  • Mentoring

    This is a series of webinars that provides awareness, skills, tools or techniques that mentors can utilize in their mentoring relationships. The webinars also provide an opportunity for mentors to bring their real-life challenges to the table and provides a shared learning experience that develops mentors across the organization.

  • Personal Productivity

    This webinar focuses on three areas of your personal performance at work: productivity, workload management and relationships. You’ll learn practical tools for prioritizing and managing an extensive to-do list and how to respond to others in a demanding high-volume environment.

  • Questioning and Listening

    Improve your skills in questioning and listening to influence, manage, sell, negotiate, and coach more effectively. In this webinar you’ll learn why some questioning techniques work better than others and how to ask questions without becoming intrusive. We’ll explain the power of listening and share simple tips on how to enhance your ability as a listener.

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