Coaching is aimed at addressing the gap that exists when people know that they have a development need and don’t have access to a solution that works for them.

Great leadership has the potential to change companies for the good. Informed by the science of executive and sports coaching, our individualized coaching pinpoints the thoughts or behaviors that are holding people back and helps them make a lasting change from within.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching, sponsored by the organization, involves the Coach, the Coachee and the Sponsors. The Coach is working on behalf of the organization to help the Coachee achieve their development goals.

Our coaching process:
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Personal Coaching

Personalized Performance Coaching is for individuals, who want to:
– focus on a specific personal professional challenge or issue
– take control of their own learning
– access assessment and executive coaching that is not offered by their organization.

How it works:

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“As an executive coach, Sarah has had a measurable impact on my performance.   Whilst initially skeptical of the benefits of coaching, I found every session positively challenging.   Sarah got the nuances of my role easily and quickly understood the hurdles that I faced both from a personal and environmental perspective.  With these insights, we then worked together to identify tools and techniques to enable me to perform to the best of my ability.   I highly recommend Sarah and hope to continue to work with her in the future.”Head of Distribution, Asset Management Firm, Asia
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