My ‘AHA’ experience with Lumina Spark

By Alison Cairns

I was first introduced to Lumina Spark in early 2015 when I completed the on-line questionnaire as part of onboarding into a new job. In my previous career I had been involved in a number of different psychometric assessments and was very skeptical to say the least. However, as I was at a very different stage in my life and career, I had absolutely no hesitation in committing myself wholly to the process, ready to embrace the outcome for better or worse!

Firstly, I felt reassured by the straight forward nature of the questions. I wasn’t forced to give a response that I wasn’t comfortable with. Secondly, I was extremely impressed by the quality and depth of the profile which was clear and very easy to understand with thankfully no jargon. The profile not only provided me with a personality assessment, but also gave me really useful advice on how to use my strengths and enhance my weaknesses in a number of different settings.

For me one of the most beneficial features of the profile was the ability to provide me with an assessment of my three different personas. The Underlying persona is me at my most natural. This persona motivates me, but I don’t necessarily let everyone see this level. My Everyday persona is my conscious self; this is how I tend to behave and an indication of how people may see me. It suggests that I may consciously put on this persona to suit my work environment. My Overextended persona is who I am when put under stress or how I react to unexpected events and this persona can come into effect unconsciously.  I actually had a real ‘AHA’ moment and a lot of issues and challenges that I had in my previous career began to make sense.

Having had a chance to reflect on my profile I can say without doubt I would have dealt with certain situations a lot differently and know that if my teams had access to their own profiles we would have been far more productive and resolved our conflicts in a more focused and timely manner. One example which comes to mind is where, as an experienced manager, I would disregard ideas which I felt had been tried before and been unsuccessful. I didn’t give team members the opportunity to explain their rationale and accept that changing times may bring about different results. Another example was when dealing with a fast paced situation I was sometimes too rigid in my requirements. I believed that if a situation wasn’t carried out my way then perhaps the right outcome wouldn’t be achieved. This clearly stifled creativity and a more flexible approach could often achieve the same results.

Whilst the profile is a stand-alone document which doesn’t necessarily need any explanation, the additional value that I found was having a one to one coaching session with Sarah Tennyson who provided me with an explanation around some areas which I didn’t particularly recognize in myself and gave me helpful tips on how I can build on some of my weaker elements.

I was so impressed by the quality and style of the coaching that I now work for Sarah on a part time basis helping her grow her business in New York City.

I would highly recommend the various Lumina products to any organization, team or individual who are looking to improve their performance and achieve real business benefits. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.


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