Learn how Action Lab® is disrupting traditional models of leadership training worldwide.

Action Lab® is disrupting traditional models of leadership training worldwide. And it’s now here in the US. So what is Action Lab®? And how does it address the real, thorny issues of solving business problems?

Business leaders are becoming weary of the teams of consultants, suppliers, and innumerable methodologies based around leadership development. With no tangible ROI to show for it, leadership teams are asking: Why aren’t any of these ‘proven’? Why can’t we see where the money went?

Action Lab® has worked globally for over 13 years to solve the wicked business problems of large organizations, while building leadership capability at the same time. This is why we are excited to introduce Action Lab® to you.

So what is Action Lab®? Why is it turning current leadership training around completely?

With change happening faster than most businesses can keep up with, ‘learning how to learn by doing,’ rather than teaching facts which quickly become obsolete, is a central approach of Action Lab®.

During Action Lab®, teams of key employees solve a real-life, high priority, unresolved issue of strategic importance to their organization. At the same time they are engaged in a process of intensive and focused development. Over time, this method builds learning and innovation into your organization’s DNA.

Many companies already use action learning as it is a highly visible and empowering process. So How is Action Lab® different?

Action Lab® offers three formats: Intensive (1 week), Condensed (6 weeks) and Classic (4-5 months)

Action Lab® unites the best and brightest minds to work on your biggest business challenges.

The Action Lab® format encourages over-or under-involved participants to engage constructively.

Learning is centered on the need to find an innovative solution to a real life problem or opportunity.

Individual and team development is as important as finding a solution to the problem.

Participants strongly take responsibility for their own learning, with regular structured check-ins facilitated by the Action Lab coaches.

In our next post, we’ll look at the business outcomes we’ve seen from Action Lab®…..

Action Lab® bookings

We are currently taking bookings for organizations keen to use this innovative method to develop high potential specialists and leaders. Contact me at [email protected] for details.