How one firm used Lumina assessments to deliver tangible business benefits.

In one division of a global apparel brand the Finance  & HR teams received the lowest scores on the global employee satisfaction survey on many key levels, including satisfaction with their Finance Director. The Finance Director was also in conflict with the CEO and Marketing Director.

A development process was agreed for the Finance Director involving coaching, Lumina Spark, Lumina Leader and Lumina Leader 360.

The Finance and HR teams participated in team coaching, individual coaching, skills development and a strategy day. Other key stakeholders engaged in team and business coaching processes.

As a result, the Finance Director developed emotional intelligence which noticeably changed the way they handled difficult situations to achieve positive outcomes.  The Finance Director transformed their relationships with the ExCo, especially CEO and Marketing Director and achieved respectful and positive interactions.

The next employee engagement index showed the division scored 3 percentage points higher than the global average and the senior leadership were rated at 100%, 26 percentage points higher than the global average.

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