How I got over my January lethargy

This morning I went for my first run in over two years. Like many people in January, I had a vague idea of getting fit and losing a few of the holiday pounds, but three weeks into the month, I hadn’t actually done anything about it.

 One of the tools that I use frequently with my clients is a personality assessment. So I went back to my own profile to see what qualities I could use to help me turn intention into action. One of my strongest underlying traits is “purposeful”, meaning I am at my best when I have clear goals to work towards. In a flash, I realized my problem; a vague idea of losing a bit of weight and getting fit just isn’t a clear enough goal to motivate me. So I started looking for events that I could turn into target. One Google search later and I had committed to a 10K running race in Central Park at the end of March.  Bingo!  Five minutes later I had downloaded an eight-week training program and I’m on my way.

 To anyone struggling to get going with the goals they set themselves for 2017, I encourage you to look again at any personality assessment that you’ve done (even if it was a while ago).  There are always insights you can draw from it that will help you harness your strengths to achieve your goals.

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