How Action Lab® delivers real business outcomes

In our last post, we introduced the Action Lab® concept as a disruptive approach to developing high potential specialists and leaders. In this post, we look at the business outcomes we’ve seen from Action Lab®.

Action Lab® answers two of the most important questions facing any program: 1) how can you show real business impact? 2) how do you ensure the content is relevant?

Some of the business outcomes we have seen from Action Lab® are:

One team developed a new 2nd-generation biofuel strategy for their company, which has made the business a world leader in their field.

Another team surfaced severe business ethics problems – which were instantly mitigated after the Action Lab®, and another team developed a significant business opportunity for a global IT company.

One team came back to executive management at the end of the Action Lab® week saying: “We have found the problem, and the problem is you …” While this was initially very confronting, the executive sponsors were able to hear and work through the feedback leading to significant cultural change.

How do you ensure the program is relevant?

As an intensive, tailor-made program, Action Lab® is highly relevant in most business contexts. The core task that participants engage in is to solve a current strategic business question. No case studies, hypothetical scenarios, or simulations, just real work that has meaningful impact.

While doing this, they need to use and develop critical skills that are essential for senior roles in today’s organization’s. For example, participants must build a high performing team quickly, operate under pressure, switch between leadership and followership roles, think strategically and solve problems on topics where they are not subject matter experts.

In our next article we will reveal 3 reasons to use Action Lab® for developing specialists and leaders

Action Lab® bookings

We are currently taking bookings for organizations keen to use this innovative method to develop high potential specialists and leaders. Contact Sarah Tennyson for details