FAQ’s about Action Lab®

In our previous posts we introduced the concept of Action Lab® as a simultaneous organizational and leadership development program that delivers real business impact while creating the capabilities people need to lead in the future.

In this post, we answer some of the most common FAQs that our clients ask.

Have there been any obstacles/de-railers to Action Lab®? If so, how did you manage?

Most obstacles to success of the task come from within the team itself; without deep trust, problems ensue. Sometimes there are difficulties experienced by the traditional ‘alpha male’ leader, and the Action Lab® format encourages over-or under-involved participants to engage. At the end of every day, ‘team optimization’ sessions reflect on how the team operated that day, and how they plan to deliver the following day.

Has Action Lab® observed any difference in outcomes between the 3 different methods?

In the Classic model, most teams have the opportunity to dig deep and (nearly) become specialists, whereas the Intensive model generally sees teams develop a well-qualified ‘shoot from the hip’. There is a ‘rule of thumb’: in four teams, one will come up with something brilliant, new and challenging, two will come up with some nuggets of gold with other parts of their solution not being accepted by management, and one will come up with a solution management don’t like, for whatever reason. Every Action Lab® is unique and when the teams set out at the beginning of the week even the facilitators don’t know what kind of journey teams will take over their Action Lab® adventure!

Got more questions?

We would be delighted to discuss your questions about Action Lab® and help you determine if this method would suit your organization. Book a free, no-obligation consultation by contacting Sarah Tennyson.