Top-tier global investment bank, securities and investment management firm 


The client requested an engaging, interactive, workshop to offer to all employees of one department, in 12 countries across APAC, India, EMEA and North America.  


We designed and delivered a 90 minutes workshop on understanding and leveraging your strengths. To enable discussion, participants were together in a meeting room with the presenter facilitating via video from New York.  The time of each workshop varied to suit the local participants.  

In the workshop, participants learned how to leverage the skills and strengths that they have, and those that are needed for the future. They created action steps to build those skills and develop for the next step in their career.  

Feedback from the client was overwhelmingly positive from all regions on the content and the way that we hosted and delivered the material. Attendees reported that they were enthused that the workshop content can tangibly support their development and future success. 

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