Risk Management team in fast-growing fintech company providing online lending and financial capital to small businesses 


The risk management organization had many new hires due to fast-growth and wanted to conduct a workshop focused on enhancing communication across the team.


We designed and delivered a workshop focused on communicating more effectively with others in order to accelerate becoming a high performing organization.  Using the Lumina Spark model, cards, and spatial tools (e.g., mats) together with individual Spark profiles and the team profile, we created a meaningful experience for both individuals and teams. The Spark App enabled individuals to connect 1:1, post-session, to compare and contrast their profiles. This is a powerful add-on to foster deeper relationships, ensure sustainability, and enable new hires to on-board quickly.

The workshop was delivered to >60 participants in two locations.

Feedback was positive with an average of 5.79 / 6.00 rating for the workshop.  Comments from participants included: 

  • It was very enlightening and taught me a lot about myself as well as how to better interact with others
  • Very informative, dynamic presenters and friendly atmosphere
  • It was eye opening experience made me open up to inner self that I didn’t even realise I had in me
  • Very insightful workshop! I learned many things about myself and how to deal with others
  • The Lumina team was amazing! And it was a wonderful and enlightening experience
  • Sarah and Nancy were fantastic facilitators and made the class fun and enjoyable!

Participants committed to actions as a result of this workshop, including:

  • When communicating with others, I will be open-minded to other, alternative solutions. 
  • When I meet with a team member, I will consider the best way to communicate with them. 
  • Utilize the communication methods provided to better communicate with others to meet their preferred methods and styles
  • Spend some time thinking about the big picture, write ore things down, consider others who are not as extroverted and make sure I’m not exhausting them
  • Be more respectful of other people’s communication styles and know how to adjust mine in presence of others with a different style
  • I will be exploring how I can change my approach to work better with others
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