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Design and delivery of coaching within the client’s flagship leader development program. The program was designed to accelerate and strengthen the leadership skills of their top executive talent to prepare them to face today’s challenges and lead into the future.


We were initially engaged to consult to the organization on the design of the coaching elements. The changes that were made achieved a number of objectives:

  • created a more consistent coaching experience across participant groups
  • aligned the coaching interventions with the purpose of the program
  • joined the dots between the pre-program assessment, the program activities and the individual reflection and post-program actions
  • combined a problem-solving and developmental-learning approach to the sessions focused on real-life challenges

During the program we provided supervision to our team of coaches to ensure consistency and alignment of process and to capture patterns and themes from across the groups. These patterns were fed-back to the organization as insights that inform future leader development initiatives.

Our team of coaches were supported to provide real-time peer coach supervision to each other and help them capture observations, feedback and learning from the program.

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