CEO of full service financial advisory firm


Leader’s agenda coaching to support newly-appointed CEO


One way to think of developmental coaching for leaders is in terms of evolving the way we think, feel and make sense of the world. This development includes increased perspective-taking and systemic thinking that informs effective decision making.  This involves shifting from a reference-mindset (where one is guided by what others think, or notions of what one “should” do or be) to a self-authoring mindset (where one is able to see their own perspective more objectively and consider multiple perspectives) through to a systemic mindset (where one is able to hold multiple conflicting perspectives and create more options for handling situations).

This approach means that the coaching is not explicitly goal-focused, but rather is driven by what is going on for you at the time  - for example, leadership style, dilemmas, personal developmental agenda, and having a confidential discussion partner for leadership issues that you face.

The numbers are the result – turnaround.

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