Build a Vibrant Virtual Team

In a series of earlier posts, I wrote about the challenges posed by working in virtual teams (see How to build trust when you can’t meet in person).

Despite the growing number of teams who operate remotely, most people are still working with a toolkit that was designed for steady teams who sit in the same building.

So, I’m delighted to let you know about our newest program to help you Build a Vibrant Virtual Team!  

There are a few differences about this program that make it exciting and effective:

  1. It’s delivered remotely, scheduled flexibly, and tailored to meet your exact needs
  2. I’ve joined forces with the fabulous Sally Morgan to bring you expert voice coaching and body-language training to make your conference and video calls go with a swing.
  3. You benefit from the wisdom of experience in virtual teams, the latest research on what works, and proven communication techniques, all wrapped up in a glorious package of web-based coaching and facilitated sessions.

To find out more, download our brochure or call or email us.  We’d love to talk to you about your team’s unique challenges and help you become even more successful!