Are you en-dulling people at work?

The opposite of engagement is endullment. Endullment comes from the education literature and means the dulling of people’s minds through lack of intellectual participation in the classroom.

At work, mind-numbing repetitive tasks, endless hours producing reports you know nobody reads, a hyper-focus on evaluation scores, tick-box compliance processes, constricting rules and a culture of fearing making a mistake all contribute to the endullment of employees.

We all know the benefits of engaged employees – the extra effort given willingly in pursuit of excellence, the intrinsic satisfaction of doing a good job, a healthier emotional climate and, dare I say, more fun.

Engagement surveys tend to lead to the conclusion that we need to ‘do more’ to engage our employees, but I bet that we could make huge improvements by eliminating the structures and processes that lead to endullment for people.

So here’s a challenge for you – what one thing could you change to alleviate endullment in your workplace?

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