Andrew Kingery is a consultant specializing in the development of people, organizations, customers and markets. He advises global brands, agencies and retailers at becoming more effective in capturing value using his extensive retail & consumer background.

Andrew is known as a trusted advisor with keen insight into complex issues. When facilitating and coaching, he is adept at creating a positive, safe place and shaping new beliefs for greater effectiveness. He takes a unique Value Oriented approach to ensure clients are intentional and effective about creating new value.

Andrew has a wealth of facilitation experience having spent over 10 years facilitating national conventions for large and mid-sized organizations. He has facilitated workshops and mentored college and Business School graduates in The Ohio State University MBA program and was assistant to the former Adjunct Professor of Marketing in the Fisher College of Business.

Andrew’s most recent corporate role was a Director at Beiersdorf Inc. where he led the US Shopper & Customer Marketing team. Andrew began his career at PricewaterhouseCoopers where he spent time auditing mutual funds and later held a variety of leadership roles with Berwind Private Equity where he helped turnaround category leading brands. He brings 20 years of experience with category leading brands in the retail & consumer markets.

Today’s workforce is overwhelmed with data and process, resulting in compliance oriented behavior – doing what we know or what we should. This distracts us from learning to create value, yet the life of an organization depends on its ability to create value for customers and its employees.

Andrew holds a BSBA from The Ohio State University in Accounting and Management Information Systems. He is a certified Lumina Learning practitioner qualified for Lumina Spark and is also a former CPA in the State of Ohio.

Woodworking, running, cycling and kettlebell workouts help keep his mind healthy when he is not reading, writing or spending time with his family of four daughters.

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