3 reasons to use Action Lab® for developing specialists and leaders 

In our last post we looked at the business outcomes we’ve seen from Action Lab®. In this post we provide three reasons to use Action Lab for developing specialists & leaders.

Action Lab® is proven, engaging, and relevant.

Tried and proven: Key client Novo Nordisk has used Action Lab® for 12 consecutive years, and just booked their 13th year. In all our years as leadership development specialists we have NEVER heard of any initiative that has been used for this length of time.

Participants love it: Action Lab® is a genuinely fresh approach. It stands out in people’s minds as unique, intensely challenging and rewarding, while building deep and strong connections across functions, people, and geographies. Participants drive their own learning, not because someone told them to ‘take accountability for their own development’, but because they wanted and needed to.

It’s relevant: Action Lab® is always relevant as it has strategic business questions at heart. It brings about strong internal ownership, which increases the likelihood that suggestions are carried out throughout the organization.

Are You ready?  

We are currently taking bookings for organizations keen to use this innovative method to develop high potential specialists and leaders. Contact Sarah Tennyson for details.

In our final article in this series we will be dealing with those frequented asked questions about Action Lab®.