Next generation Personality Assessment supporting individuals, teams and organizations to work more effectively and improve their well being and performance!

Lumina Spark is a next-generation personality assessment that supports individuals, teams and organizations to work more effectively and improve their wellbeing and performance.

You can use Lumina assessments across many contexts including:

  • Individual coaching
  • Development plans
  • Teambuilding
  • Communication and influence skills training
  • Sales skills training
Download your free app today, for a speed read of your personality and see how you score on eight key aspects.
1. Extraverted
2. Big Picture Thinking
3. Inspiration Driven
4. People Focused
5. Introverted
6. Down to Earth
7. Discipline Driven
8. Outcome Focused
Lumina sees personality as a set of dynamic and sometimes contradictory traits. The Lumina Spark model champions individuality and values diversity.

Download the Lumina Spark infographic.

Lumina is different from other popular personality psychometrics:
No forced-choice answers:
Lumina embraces the paradoxes in our personality, allowing for the nuances and contradictions that make up real human beings.
No types:
Lumina does not box, label or number you.
Layers of depth:
Lumina measures your underlying, everyday and overextended personas so you can gain insight into how your behavior changes in different situations.
Proven credibility:
Based on research with an international professional population, the Lumina model of personality is empirically grounded and statistically verified.
It sticks:
By using simple color coding and normal words (free of jargon), Lumina quickly becomes a common language among teams.
Assessments are accessible to participants and administrators 24/7, with fully customizable reports.

For HR partners, coaches, facilitators and talent development professionals who want to build their capability to deliver inspirational interventions using the full range of Lumina resources.

Lumina Practitioner Certification Program  provides you with deep understanding of the model and practical experience of using the tools.

Lumina really changed the way I do career change coaching. I use Lumina as part of the career exploration process and it is amazing the amount of useful information that my clients get from the report. If you want to give a twist to your coaching practice do this course, you won’t regret it. I highly recommend Sarah as a facilitator and the course!”
– Participant Feedback, Lumina Qualification, New York, July 2017

“Excellent course – I not only learned content, but also, through observation, learned how to improve my own facilitation capabilities” 
– Participant Feedback, Lumina Qualification, New York, July 2015

“The course is very comprehensive. I thought I would be listening and having a few activities; instead, I was challenged to put the concepts into context and apply the Lumina Spark principles. It was a great workshop.”
– Participant Feedback, Lumina Qualification, New York, July 2015

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Download the Spark Workshop outline.

Learn how to speed-read personalities and increase your ability to communicate with different people.

The Spark Workshop is suitable for everyone and is an energizing, insightful experience.

You will gain:

  • Insight into how you channel your strengths in different situations.
  • Understanding of how to manage your behavior under pressure.
  • Techniques for speed-reading different personalities.
  • Skills for communicating authentically.
  • Strategies for solving a personal communication challenge that you face.

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Download the Team Spark Workshop outline.

Improved team relationships ultimately culminate in improved team performance.

The Team Spark profile shows you the strengths present in the group, how those qualities are channeled and how you respond under pressure.

At the workshop, you will gain:

  • Understanding of what kind of team you are part of
  • How to communicate effectively with each other.
  • Awareness of the signs of overload in each other.
  • Knowledge of how to support each other.
  • What to do when performance drops

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